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Our Staff : Welcome

Island Girl Nails Manicurists

Vicki Thompson

Owner/Licensed Manicurist

After spending my twenties and early thirties on a couple of different careers, I fell upon the idea of becoming a manicurist. I attended school and became licensed in January 2005, and opened Island Girl Nails immediately after. I love the challenge of managing a small business, as well as taking care of my clients! 
My husband and I have lived on Whidbey since 1998, have an amazing daughter (who works at the salon), an awesome son-in-law, and a spunky granddaughter. We are also servants to our dogs and cats...


Sarah Wasser

Assistant Manager/Licensed Manicurist

In the summer before my junior year of high school, I took a cosmetology course through a local community college, and decided that I didn't like hair or skin nearly as much as I liked nails! In my senior year, mom felt the nail salon calling as well, and it was a given that this was what I was I meant to do. Upon graduating high school, I took two weeks off for myself, and enrolled in nail school as soon as I could. I graduated in November of 2005….and have been loving my job ever since!
I have lived on Whidbey since 1998, with a few years spent in Virginia supporting my husband in his military career. We are happily settled back on the island, raising our beautiful daughter! We also share our house with a dog, a cat, and a few fish.


Lynn Murphey

Licensed Manicurist

I grew up in Kirkland and was blessed to spend my days at the barn riding and showing horses.  I still have the love for horses!
I worked in retail selling clothes where I met an incredible friend who one day asked me what my fantasy job was... I said I want to be a nail tech, she handed me the phone and said what’s stopping you? I completed school and was issued a cosmetology license in 1985. I feel blessed to have found a career that I love to this day!
I moved over to the island June 2018 for the summer and never left.. I split my time between working at Island Girl Nails, helping my friend at horse shows, and caring for my dogs and cats.


Sherry Mejico-Hochenedel

Licensed Manicurist

I was born and raised in southern California and worked in the medical field for most of my adult life. My husband and I and our furry kids moved to Whidbey Island in September 2015. His parents have lived here for close to 20 years and gave us the opportunity to build a house on a lot in Scatchet Head that we couldn't pass up. I've been a client of Sarah's for a couple years now and when she asked me if I was interested in going to school to become a manicurist, I thought that it would be a good career change. I'm happy to say I completed my apprenticeship in 2022 and I'm now a Licensed Manicurist!


Tasha Hornshaw

Licensed Manicurist

I have lived on Whidbey Island almost my whole life, planted here in 1986. I’ve had a few different careers here on the island, most of you probably recognize me from my years at Payless!

I got my license in 2014 and have worked at a couple different salons but then some life changes happened and I couldn’t practice nails anymore.

And then one day I got a message from Vicki asking me if I’d like to come work for her! So I did!! I worked with her and the girls one day a week while I was still working my full time job at Payless! I did that for a few years before Covid struck and I had to step down once again from nails.

Fast forward a couple more years and Vicki asked me again if I’d like to come work for her part time in the summer and I again said yes!! That’s when I decided this is my career path I want to be on!

I am happily married to an island boy since 2021, we love our very extended family, camping, and our dogs!


Cassidy Van Tryfle


Growing up, I always loved being creative by painting my own nails and drawing various designs on them. I always knew I had a passion for art and beauty, but didn’t know how to start with my career. I moved from central California in 2019 and worked a couple random jobs on the Island before I found a job opening at Island Girl Nails. I met with Vicki and started as a salon assistant and eventually made my way up to being an apprentice. I even get to bring my dog Puny to work too! I have loved working here ever since. I should have my license in early 2023!


Kyra Langehough


I moved to the island in December 2020, looking for a change in my life. Then in 2021, I got tired of working meaningless jobs just to get the bills paid. Vicki found me on Facebook, and offered me a job and to join the apprenticeship program. Now I get to experience the joy of having a career in something I love. I have a passion for nail art and nail enhancements. Getting to be creative and artistic for a living has always been my dream and now I’m doing it! I’m also an anime nerd, love EDM (electric dance music), play video games on my down time, and I’m an animal lover.

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